Permeable reactive barrier : sustainable groundwater remediation / edited by Ravi Naidu, Volker Birke. - 1 online resource. - Advances in trace elements in the environment .

1. Permeable reactive barriers : cost-effective and sustainable remediation of groundwater / Ravi Naidu, Dawit N. Bekele, and Volker Birke -- 2. Two decades of application of permeable reactive barriers to groundwater remediation / Scott D. Warner -- 3. Choosing the best design and construction technologies for permeable reactive barriers / Dawit N. Bekele, Ravi Naidu, Volker Birke, and Sreenivasulu Chadalavada -- 4. Groundwater modeling involving PRBs : general aspects, case study / Sreenivasulu Chadalavada, Martin Wegner, and Ravi Naidu -- 5. Impact of trace elements and impurities in technical zero-valent iron brands on reductive dechlorination of chlorinated ethenes in groundwater / Volker Birke, Christine Schuett, Harald Burmeier, and Hans-Jurgen Friedrich -- 6. Fourteen-year assessment of a permeable reactive barrier for treatment of hexavalent chromium and trichloroethylene / Richard T. Wilkin, Tony R. Lee, Mary Sue McNeil, Chunming Su, and Cherri Adair -- 7. Sequenced permeable reactive barrier for the pretreatment of nitrate and remediation of trichloroethene / Keely Mundle, Janet Macmillan, and Ben McCarthy -- 8. Organic-based permeable reactive barriers for the treatment of heavy metals, arsenic, and acidity / Ralph D. Ludwig, Richard T. Wilkin, Steven D. Acree, Randall R. Ross, and Tony R. Lee -- 9. Effective cleanup of groundwater contaminated with radionuclides using permeable reactive barriers / Franz-Georg Simon and Tamas Meggyes -- 10. Reactive (oxygen) gas barrier and zone technologies / Ronald Giese, Frank Ingolf Engelmann, Dietrich Swaboda, Uli Uhlig, and Ludwig Luckner -- 11. Remediation of PAHs, NSO-heterocycles, and related aromatic compounds in permeable reactive barriers using activated carbon / Wolf-Ulrich Palm, Jan Sebastian Manz, and Wolfgang Ruck -- 12. Case study of PRB application for the remediation of groundwater / James Stening -- 13. Permeable reactive barriers in Europe / Volker Birke and Harald Burmeier.


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Permeable reactive barriers.

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